Cosmo The Songwriter

Cosmo grew up watching his talented sister TT the Artist bedazzle an amaze all of her peers during their younger years. TT is what inspired him to write his first rap at the age of just fifteen.” Honestly… I was scared to rap after writing my first song. Because I did not want to perform or share my skill with anyone, like most teens I didn’t want to be judge” says Cosmo. In fact it was not until the age of 18 Cosmo, would later record his first record ever.

He was an athlete all throughout his high school career so that was his main focus as a teen. In fact he started to really take writing music serious around the age of 21 after speaking with J.T. aka James Thompson a long time friend an lyricist that he went to high school and college with. In their conversation they talked about their writing process and what inspired them to write music. “James told me that it was the everyday ordinary life that inspired his writing and after that I ran with it” says Cosmo. After 2 years of writing nothing but music an no recording he finally would build up the courage to get in the booth an in the fall of 2013 dropped his debut mixtape titled “ Broke Hippy” .(still available on Cosmo is currently working on his first EP titled “ COSMO” all written and produced by himself with co-productions on the mixing.

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Cosmo The Artist

Cosmo the truth is a self taught graphic designer. He graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and earned his associates degree in May of 2012.” I already knew graphics from my high school days but I wanted to further my education in business so I went to college”says Cosmo. His experience in the graphic world has booked him gigs with some of the most talented artist, artist like Blade from Dade, Shine Da Truth and even Ace Hood an ex classmate of his. In fact every mixtape cover that Cosmo has dropped so far has been created by him. He is currently working on his first EP for the mainstream and said he looks forward to showing the world his talents through the music & arts.

Cosmo The Producer

In 2013 Cosmo mix, mastered, & recorded his very first mixtape titled “ Broke Hippy ”. This is where he grew a love and appreciation for the art of engineering. Having used other producer beats on his first three mixtape, is what would later push him to create his own unique sonic sound. In 2014 Cosmo landed his first studio gig as an assistant engineer at Studio 24 which was located in Pompano Beach, FL. Working at the studio for the next 2 years gave Cosmo the opportunity to work with some of the hottest south Florida talent. Talent such as the late Xxxtentacion, also artist like Koly P & Dirty 1000. He would later collab with his inspiration and big sister TT The Artist to produce his first EP titled “ Cosmo ”.

”Honestly… I was scared to rap after writing my first song Because I did not want to perform or share my skill with anyone. L

ike most teens I didn’t want

to be judge.”

- Cosmo The Truth